One Year MBA or Two Years MBA

One Year MBA or Two Years MBA? Which One to Choose?

One Year MBA
Are you looking forward to join an MBA program but still not sure whether to join a One year MBA or go for Two years Program! Well you are not the only one confused about this decision. All the aspirants planning to join an MBA Program, it takes some time to finally understand the requirement and then select the course.

In the past few years, online MBA Programs have got a worldwide recognition. As a result all the best brick and mortar MBA schools are now offering their courses online. There are many independent online institutions as well which have come up with world class MBA courses. Yet, when it comes to selecting between one year or two years online MBA, students and professionals look up for some guidance.

To make it easier for you, I would like to remind here that both the MBA programs are well accepted around the globe and offer immense opportunity for consistent growth of the career. With online programs, there is no need to take a sabbatical and you can complete the course as per your time and convenience. Let’s quickly look at both the programs separately and understand which one suits our requirement.

One Years MBA

   A one year MBA online offers an opportunity to complete the course in One year and therefore it involves more work at a faster speed.

 This program allows the students to gain the potential to grow in the career without investing much of the time.

     These quick MBA options saves the money and the time of the professionals.

  Affordable fees and the advantage that students get an opportunity to make money and place well, makes an accelerated online MBA one of the most preferred option financially.

    A high quality curriculum is delivered to the students enrolled in this program. Thus, the typical online two years MBA program is on the cutting edge of business technology.

  First year, deals with the core subjects and makes it easier to continue further with the course.

     Second year deals mostly with the specialisation subject.

     Opportunity for internship is available between first year and second year.

   This program is best suitable to the freshers as it deals with the theories and principles of business in detail.

MBA programs can be joined at any point of the career. Even if you are a simple graduate or a homemaker, getting an online MBA can give a kick start to your career.  MIBM Global, which is one of the best online MBA School,is concerned with your willingness for the course and so has developed multiple online MBA programmes to suit your requirement. MIBM Global has a list of quality Programmes which includes online Two years and One year Programs which are best suited for Students and professionals to shape their career as per current global trends. 

Faculty at MIBM includes experts of the subjects and they have been extra careful while compiling the study material. Therefore, the contents have been written in a simple and easy to understand language. At MIBM counsellors are available 24/7 for any guidance. Being one of the most prestigious institutes to offer Online MBA courses, they aim at sharpening the leadership skills of their students.

For more information about the best Online Schools, visit or feel free to call on +91 96909-00054.



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